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Each year in the first week of march The Gulf Coast Renaissance Fair is celebrated as a fun and learning experience of the middle ages. It is a time when young and old dress up as renaissance characters and head out for a an exciting weekend full of history, music, food, arts, crafts, and games. With the streets scattered with Noble Knights, Dragon Slayers, Mighty Kings, Wizards and many more Medieval Characters you will feel right at home no matter what fantasy renaissance character you dress up like.

For those who like to create their own costumes then thrift stores, closeouts, or local goodwill type stores probably have everything you would need. If your just looking for something ready out of the box that you will only wear maybe a couple times a year and are not looking to create the costume yourself then you should checkout the folks over at Halloween Costumes Website. These guys have the largest selection of Renaissance and Pirate costumes on the planet and at really affordable prices and can have you looking like the Brave Musketeer or Renaissance Wrench that you are.

Many of the fair vendors sell costumes for all ages and types. We encourage you to come out in your favorite renaissance or pirate garb but it is definitely not a requirement to dress up or participate but it does add a second layer of enjoyment in the experience by being part of the act. Whatever you decide to wear whether it's Little Miss Red Riding Hood, a Powerful and Mighty Medieval Warrior or just dressed as yourself, the feeling from interacting with popular renaissance characters will give you a truly great weekend packed with plenty to do and awesome Live reenactment Shows to see as you interact with the tradition which celebrates our heritage of the renaissance times of the past.

Overall, the yearly celebration of the Medieval Times is not only a crowd of actors that interact with visitors but being dressed up as you favorite Renaissance character will help you indulge into a truly Renaissance learning environment full of rich history of popular cultures of the past

Below you will find links to popular costumes that you can buy or just use as a reference if you decide to create one on your own.

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