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16th Annual Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire Schedule

March 4-5 2017 Pensacola, Florida

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Entertainers! We are seeking lane performers!

Your business, organization, club or single individuals with fun, unique costumes.

Musicians enthusiastically welcomed. Extra special consideration given to characters

based on local figures of historical note. Please have a one minute educational speech

to when auditioning and at least two "catch phrases" your character will perform.
Performers will walk the aisles of the renaissance faire to interact with the patrons

and participate in the royal parades. Each character should be able to relate some

educational bit of knowledge, either about the character they are portraying, the

historical relevance of their costume or character, or be able to tell a story, fairytale

Open auditions all year. Our organization works with several festivals and

entertainers will be given priority. Performance is for Saturday and Sunday
The Faire currently is booked with a number of paid acts so lane performers

will be working for tips. This can be very rewarding depending on the work you

put into your act. To become a paid act your presentation should be very

professional, educational and reliable.

Please contact us here and give a brief summary of your act

Entertainers Page

Be a Part of the Act!